Music has always been a huge inspiration for me.  I don’t play any instruments (never too late!) but I often come up with new ideas for work while plugged in blasting my latest obsession.  That is why today was so friggin’ exciting for me.  I am going to sound so #basic, but I LIVE for music festivals.  I’ve made the trek to Bonnaroo twice and have been to various festivals around Ontario over the years. 

When I got invited to the official press announcement for the new Toronto festival WayHome, I literally danced around my room.  And let me tell ya, being there today made my excitement hit a level I had no idea was possible.  I was a little star struck sitting in front of such high profile people in the music biz, but I somehow held it together.

Okay let’s talk about the lineup…HOLY CRAP!  SAM SMITH, ALT-J, HOZIER ALL IN ONE PLACE…mind blown.  It doesn’t stop there though, 40 more artists will be released in the near future.  Tickets officially go on sale Monday Feb 16th at 12pm (starting at $209.99) but you can get exclusive one-day pre-sale tickets at a few local Toronto shops for $189.99 ONLY tomorrow.  Here they are:
GotStyle 11am-8pm
Heel Boy 10am-9pm
Northern Standard Trading Post 12pm-7pm
Tiger of Sweden 11am-8pm

Thank you SO much to the people of Republic Live and AC Entertainment (peeps who organize Bonnaroo) for putting this together.  And did you guys hear about their amazing give away last night?  Hundreds of people waited and were given an envelope and told not to open it.  They waited and waited and if they didn’t open it, they were given a LIFETIME PASS to the festival.  How is that real life?  I am so friggin pissed I didn’t go.  But Republic Live, you guys are amazing.  I am so ready to camp out, be covered in dirt and watch some amazing music.  CAN JULY BE HERE ALREADY?

In the words of Sam Smith, ”Stay with me,” for a fun music festival playlist on Friday!

PS Etsy fans!  There will be a market place with select Etsy artists, so make sure you check that out!  So friggin' (I have said that too many times today) exciting!  

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Check out some of my fav pics I took from Bonnaroo!

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