It's about friggin time I released more products.  I was working my arse off getting everything ready for ReBash that happened over the weekend.  It was so much fun and now I can say I survived my first show!  Make sure you check out my new page 'Happenings' to stay up to date with the numerous markets and fleas I'm doing.  There will be some exclusive products ONLY at these events, so keep an eye out!

Anywho, I am so excited to release my concrete diamond and mini concrete holder.  Head over to Al's Market  to take a look at a few more pictures.  I am not a diamond gal, but this concrete diamond is everything I dreamed of.  I AM SO OBSESSED.  And how cute are the mini concrete holders?  The succulent planted in it is maybe one of the more adorable things I've ever seen.  It's also the perfect size for candles.  Didn't you hear?  Concrete and gold are the new candle holders, who needs glass anymore?!  

I hope you love the new additions as much as I do!

Your pal,