Electric Island

Okay, this weekend was so much fun.  I unfortunately came down with a brutal cold/cough/sinus infection, but that didn't stop me from enjoying my time.  The highlight of my long weekend was going to Electric Island on Monday.  

This was my first time, and it exceeded my expectations.  I backpacked around Europe last year and went to Piknic Electronik in Barcelona, so I was assuming it would be similar...and I have to be honest, it was even better.  I don't go to Toronto Island enough, so being able to see the skyline across the lake was the best.  It was so chill, and so much fun.  There were the perfect amount of people.  I hate being stuffed into a small space with a big crowd, but this was a great space.  There were picnic tables everywhere, as well as ping pong tables which were packed all day and night.  The best part was, IT DIDN'T RAIN!

I will for sure be going again this year, and I highly suggest you go to!  

Your pal,