Al's Mix | Vol. 13


Shite, I've already missed a few posts since I made my September Resolutions.  WHATEVER #sueme.  I make my own rules and rules were made to be broken, ammi right?!  I was preparing for Etsy: Made in Canada last week and it was INSANE.  I made triple than what I usually do so I basically didn't sleep.  It was so much fun though and I'm sad that it's over.  Time to start preparing for Holiday markets (THE BEST TIME OF YEAR...I am one of those annoying Christmas freaks btw).

Any who, back on track and ready to share my favourite songs of the moment with you.  As you can tell, I like a lot of different music and this is just an example how how random my music selection is.  Older, newer and everything in between.  Enjoy!  

Your pal,

PS the version of River by Leon Bridges on my playlist doesn't do the song justice.  Check out a live recording below.  SO GD GOOD!